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What a heck

I am so excited, I can't function.

I was in the car driving to work, and happened to catch the end of them saying to call in for a chance to win a date and tickets for Justin.

I decided what the hell, I'll call…and after multiple busy signals, I finally got through!

There were three girls chosen and each was asked a question about what they liked to do for fun. I answered that I liked to go out in London and hit up the club scene, and was also fine just hanging out at home. The other girls said things like they liked to go fishing and that they liked to go to football games. After that section, the DJs came on and told me they had chosen me to be their bachelorette for the day!

I had to pick three questions to ask the guys….

The first one was, “If you were any drink, what would you be?”

Guy 1: Red bull and vodka (I forgot why he said that)

Guy 2: Sex on the beach….no explanation needed

The second one was, “What's the best date you ever had?”

Guy 1: Took gf to a bed and breakfast

Guy 2: Inner Harbor

The third one was, “Since we're going to see Justin Timberlake, which of his songs really 'speaks to you?'”

Guy 1: Um, I don't really know any Justin songs

Guy 2: Sexy Back (I said “because it's the only song he knows!” to which he answered another song of Cry me a River haha)

After careful consideration (and text messages from friends), I decided to go with Bachelor # 1. He seemed more laid back and like he had a better personality than the other guy. I was a little put off by Guy 2 saying “sex on the beach” for his drink (can't think of something less cliche?) and also that he wanted someone with big boobs (even though I guess I have those haha).*

He called me a little bit ago, still seems nice…I checked out some pics of him, looks fine……….whatever, I don't really care too much about the “date” - I GET TO GO SEE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FOR FREE!!!!!!

How crazy is that?!?

Sidenote: When I told my mom, she first was like, “Only you, AM. That would only happen to you.” Then she asked me who Justin Timberlake was (”I think I know, but I'm not sure.”) then she got stuck on the idea that maybe my date would be great (”Ohhhh so it's a DATE too?!?”) and was all excited about that. Sigh. Not the point mom!!!!!!! :)

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